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Anti-Bark Spray Citronella Collar

Citronella Collar is one of the best way to stop dog from barking. Every dog owner which have problem with dog barking considering about how to solve a barking problem. Yes you can take your dog to obedience training, or try any other method, but will those methods work for your dog. Citronella Collar is the best what you need for solving dog barking problem.

Anti-Bark Spray Citronella Collar is 100% safe for all dogs and puppies. This adjustable Citronella Collar fits to all dogs, no matter of the size of the dog.
Anti-Bark Spray Citronella Collar set includes Adjustable Collar, Battery, Spray Device, Citronella Spray Refil and training manual for use.

What this Spray Citronella Collar do?
It’s simple. Adjustible Collar around dogs neck have a little spray device, which have voice sensor which detct sound when your dog start to bark.This sensor activate a spray pump which sprays a Citronella mist. Citronella scent is unpleasant for dogs and dog stop barking.

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