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Dog Bicycle Trailers

Dog Bicycle Trailer

If you love to ride your bike, and you love to have a dog around you while you travel with your bike, it’s great to have a Dog Bicycle Trailer. Maybe you like to see that your dog runs right next to you when you riding a bike, but this can be harmful for your dog, especially if he is old or can’t run greater distances.

Dog Bicycle Trailers are very modern and efficient if you have a dog or a cat. Not only, that is safer for you and your pet to travel around, but also you can enjoy in quality time together when arriving home or on the desired point of your trip. Of course if your dog is in good shape and can run, it’s ok to run while you’re riding a bike, but you must know how much run is enough for your dog..

This Trailer has more than enough space for your dog and usually have an additional pocket for your cell phone, keys, …

The cabin of a trailer sits lower for easier entry and exit for pets, and wheel base provides a more stable ride.

Few tips about traveling around with your dog and bike:

Whenever you travel around with your bike, remember to wear safety jacket (you and your dog) or at least safety flag on the back of the trailer.
Don’t ever forget to take the water for your dog on your trip.
For safer riding, use bicycle mirror so you can see what is happening on the back.
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