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Few Reasons For Using Dog Anti Bark Citronella Collar

Dog barking is one of the biggest of dog owners and can be very disturbing.

Because of that dog owner must find the solution for this dog behavior problem. The best way to Stop Dog From Barking is Dog Anti Barking Spray Citronella Collar.
You can found Citronella Anti-Bark Collar in two different models.
One is sensitive to sound model and second is remote control model.

How the Anti Barking Citronella Collar work?

Citronella collars have a mechanism in a little box which is attached on Collar that allows them to use a citrus spray, which is activated at the vibrations of the dog’s barking.

Once your dog starts barking, the sensor will activate and will spurt scented oil under the dog’s chin. Dog dislike the strong citrus scent that take him by surprise and it will stop barking once it smells it.

Advantages of Dog Anti Bark Citronella Collar

1. Dog Anti Bark Citronella Collar allows you to control your dog’s behavior without using painful methods.
2. Dog Anti Bark Citronella Collars we can find in all in all stores for pets.
3. The scent of the Citronella Spray does not irritate/agitate the people around.
4. While the strong scent of the cintronella spray calms down the pet, it has testified that it is not harmful to both the owner and the pet.
5. Dog Anti-Bark Citronella Collar is usually adjustable and you can use on small and big dogs.
6. Statistics says that using Dog Anti Barking Citronella Collar have more than 88% success and solve the barking problem.
7. If you use a Remote Control Citronella Collar, you have all the control with remote on dogs barking and other dog behavior problems like chewing, digging and jumping.

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Anti-Bark Spray Citronella Collar

Citronella Collar is one of the best way to stop dog from barking. Every dog owner which have problem with dog barking considering about how to solve a barking problem. Yes you can take your dog to obedience training, or try any other method, but will those methods work for your dog. Citronella Collar is the best what you need for solving dog barking problem.

Anti-Bark Spray Citronella Collar is 100% safe for all dogs and puppies. This adjustable Citronella Collar fits to all dogs, no matter of the size of the dog.
Anti-Bark Spray Citronella Collar set includes Adjustable Collar, Battery, Spray Device, Citronella Spray Refil and training manual for use.

What this Spray Citronella Collar do?
It’s simple. Adjustible Collar around dogs neck have a little spray device, which have voice sensor which detct sound when your dog start to bark.This sensor activate a spray pump which sprays a Citronella mist. Citronella scent is unpleasant for dogs and dog stop barking.

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Stop dog from barking and get some rest for you

Barking Dog

Dog barking can be very big problem for dog owner, which not know how to deal with it. The owner maybe have big willing to learn and teach own dog how tostop dog from barking, but even if he try to do the best what he can, he failed, maybe because simple reason.

Perhaps owner make biggest mistake that he can make with the solving of this problem. Remember that!!! First step is ALWAYS – what make your dog to barking? After that, you may to decide, what to do or how to react and how to prevent that will not happen again. Here I’m going to provide you few simple steps or tips how to stop dog from barking:

Stop Barking Dog– If dog barks, just check it out what is it or try to find out what makes him to bark

– If your dog is bored, when you are not at home, leave him some toy to play with

– Don’t forget to feed your pet and give him some water

– When your beloved pet barks, try with some words to calm him down (quiet, sshhh, …)

– My friend buy a flashlight and when his dog start to make noise or chewing something just point the flashlight on him and start to flashing

– If your dog barks when you leave a home, let the radio play some calm music, that disturb him and give him a feel like he’s not alone

– Never yell at the dog, you just encouraging him with that to bark more and more

– Maybe he wants to tell you something , maybe he need something, hear something or feel something or someone is coming

– You should have trained him to obey on command when he start to barking or chewing, digging …

– Dogs love to be praised, just like humans. “Good” or “Good dog” can be very effective
words. Praise your dog every time he done a good thing or give him a reward for
good behavior.

Stop dog from barkingNEVER physically punishing your dog, for that he doesn’t obey your order. Your dog must understand, realize and accept you as a leader and not to get scared every time he sees you.

Enjoy and have fun with those beautiful, intelligent and lovely creatures, which makes us

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Types of Dog Barking Collars – Affordable and Yet Highly Effective!

Dogs are certainly mans best friends and for this reason most dog owners treat their pets with the proper attention and dedication. As much as you love your dog and even if you consider him a dear member of your family, sometimes his barking becomes a problem both for your family and for neighbours.

Dogs bark for several reasons and it is in their nature to bark whenever they sense an intruder or when they have other problems. The ugly thing about barking is that it can become very annoying if our dog barks most of the time and without any obvious reasons. A Dog barking collar is the best solution for your dog and it was created in order to solve the behavior problems of your dog.

Dog barking collars are recommended if your dog has developed a barking problem. The Dog barking collar is used to stop a dog that barks for apparently no reason at all. Studies have shown that the painless collars have much better results than the ones that inflict pain. Dog barking collars need to be purchased with precaution and dog owners are advised to do some research regarding collars before actually buying one, because nowadays there are a lot of types of collars on the market, designed for different purposes. Dog barking collar that can be easily found are: barking collars with electric charge, barking collars with spray control, barking collars with vibration control and choke collars.

A Dog barking collar with electric charge is a type of collar that activates an electrical charge that will stop once the dog no longer barks. These collars have several levels of electric charge intensity which vary from one manufacturer to another. It must be mentioned that the electric charge does not hurt the animal in any way and that these types of collars are not recommended in the case of dogs which weigh less than eight pounds. Dog barking collars can be easily adjusted according to the dogâ??s weight and size.

A Dog barking collar with spray control has a vibration sensor that emits an annoying citrus spray that dogs seem to dislike very much. This spray is harmless but efficient in the case of dogs which have a barking problem. These types of collars are considered more humane and more efficient than the others, being recommended by dog specialists. Dog barking collar with vibration control emit an ultrasonic sound that interrupts barking immediately by startling the animal, while choke collars are indicated only when the dog owner has the time to train his dog or when he resorts to a dog trainer that will do this.

It is very important to keep in mind that barking collars should be used only when your canine friend has a problem. Dog barking collar may be easily removed once the dog no longer presents barking problems. We recommend you to consult a dog specialist before buying a barking collar. He will identify your dogs problem and he will tell you what type of collar should be used in his case. Do not hesitate to use barking collars as long as they are necessary, since they are very efficient and they do not harm your dog in any way.

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