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Few Reasons For Using Dog Anti Bark Citronella Collar

Dog barking is one of the biggest of dog owners and can be very disturbing.

Because of that dog owner must find the solution for this dog behavior problem. The best way to Stop Dog From Barking is Dog Anti Barking Spray Citronella Collar.
You can found Citronella Anti-Bark Collar in two different models.
One is sensitive to sound model and second is remote control model.

How the Anti Barking Citronella Collar work?

Citronella collars have a mechanism in a little box which is attached on Collar that allows them to use a citrus spray, which is activated at the vibrations of the dog’s barking.

Once your dog starts barking, the sensor will activate and will spurt scented oil under the dog’s chin. Dog dislike the strong citrus scent that take him by surprise and it will stop barking once it smells it.

Advantages of Dog Anti Bark Citronella Collar

1. Dog Anti Bark Citronella Collar allows you to control your dog’s behavior without using painful methods.
2. Dog Anti Bark Citronella Collars we can find in all in all stores for pets.
3. The scent of the Citronella Spray does not irritate/agitate the people around.
4. While the strong scent of the cintronella spray calms down the pet, it has testified that it is not harmful to both the owner and the pet.
5. Dog Anti-Bark Citronella Collar is usually adjustable and you can use on small and big dogs.
6. Statistics says that using Dog Anti Barking Citronella Collar have more than 88% success and solve the barking problem.
7. If you use a Remote Control Citronella Collar, you have all the control with remote on dogs barking and other dog behavior problems like chewing, digging and jumping.

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