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Petsafe Multivet Anti Bark Spray Collar Deluxe

  • All-natural cintronella spray
  • Adjustable nylon collar, Battery included
  • 2 spray levels – short or long
  • See-through reservoir with level indicator
  • For small or large breeds

Product Description
Stops barking with a pulse of spray

The Anti-Bark Spray CollarTM Deluxe stops your dog at the very moment he starts barking. Each time the dog barks, the sound-sensitive collar releases a harmless spray that interrupts the dog’s barking. Use of the product gradually conditions him to stop barking. Your dog will adapt quietly and easily to his environment while providing your family peace of mind.

Petsafe Multivet Anti Bark Spray Collar Deluxe

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Multivet Anti bark Citronella Collar Valuepack 2 Refills 3 Batteries

  • Scientifically proven effective and, painless scentless spray
  • Recommended by leading animal experts
  • Clinically proven twice effective as chock collars
  • No side effects, no pain or fear, easy to use
  • 100% safe for all dogs – even puppies!

Product Description
Combining modern electronics and dog training modification techniques this bark collar will stop excessive barking. The Multivet Anti Bark Gentle Spray Collar is effective, safe and painless. It needs no human intervention to work and has no secondary negative effects. In fact the spray dog barking collar has a calming effect. The collar is comfortable and will fit dogs of all sizes

kit includes:
2 refills citronella
3 Multivet batteries
1 Spray device
1 Collar and instructions

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