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3 Bestselling Anti-Bark Citronella Spray Collar

Anti-Bark Citronella Spray Collar for dogs is one of the best ways to Stop Dog from Barking. Many dog owners are very satisfied with using of Anti-Bark Citronella Collar to solve the barking problem. Of course, there is no ultimate solution to Stop Dog From Barking, which will work for all dogs. To solve barking problem you can use many different techniques and methods, but generally best way to Stop Your Dog From Barking is that you get one of Citronella Anti-Bark Collar for your dog.

3 Bestselling Citronella Collars for dog:

  • Premier GentleSpray Citronella Anti-Bark Dog Collar is dog collar which can be used for dogs older than 6 months and have at least 6 pounds of weight. Spray is harmless and painless for training. You get Nylon collar, attachable Spray device, 6-volt battery, 3 ounce of citronella spray and instructions. It’s most popular Dog Anti-Barking Spray Collar on the market.
  • Innotek Anti-Bark Spray Collar with Citronella scent is 100% safe for use with dogs and puppies. This is adjustable Dog Collar and fits all dogs. It releases a citronella scent when dog start to bark and it’s completely harmless for all dogs. You get adjustable collar, battery, citronella spray refil, spray device and training manual.
  • Innotek Deluxe Anti-Bark Spray Collar for Dogs is in my opinion the best Citronella Spray Collar for solving of barking problem. It works like any other Spray collar, it sprays Citronella mist everytime when dog start to bark. It’s adjustable and it fits for all dogs. You can use it on puppies too. The reasone why is this Spray Collar on 3th place is price. It’s little more expensive than other two, but if you ask me it’s worth of any penny.


    All Spray Collars work basicaly the same way. Sensor which is sensitive on dog barking is located in a little box under the dogs head. It activate the system inside this little box and spray the citronella mist. Because dogs don’t like citronella smell, and we all knows that dogs are smart creatures, they quickly realize that they do something wrong and because of this stop barking.

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Multivet Anti bark Citronella Collar Valuepack 2 Refills 3 Batteries

  • Scientifically proven effective and, painless scentless spray
  • Recommended by leading animal experts
  • Clinically proven twice effective as chock collars
  • No side effects, no pain or fear, easy to use
  • 100% safe for all dogs – even puppies!

Product Description
Combining modern electronics and dog training modification techniques this bark collar will stop excessive barking. The Multivet Anti Bark Gentle Spray Collar is effective, safe and painless. It needs no human intervention to work and has no secondary negative effects. In fact the spray dog barking collar has a calming effect. The collar is comfortable and will fit dogs of all sizes

kit includes:
2 refills citronella
3 Multivet batteries
1 Spray device
1 Collar and instructions

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