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Dog treats

You like to spoil your dog, but you don’t know how? Maybe you train your dog and you would like to give him a small reward every time your pet obey you or do the trick. Even if you just want to give your dog something extra to chew and play, you should know which Dog treats are good for your pet.

First thing’s first. Not all of treats are good for your dog. Especially not same treats like you eat! Dogs are very special creatures and if you give them to eat your leftovers, you should ask yourself if it’s OK. If you check out on the internet, which food is the best for your dog, you will realize soon enough that your leftovers are actually some kind of poison to them. Same mistake you make if you give your pet your cookies or piece of chocolate. Of course, your dog will eat everything what you give him, but this doesn’t mean that it’s OK for him.

Dog Treats

Well let’s back to treats. Dog Treats are all those small or big pieces of food that dog will adore. Some of them are not only to give your pet a reward but also great in healthy way. So you can fint treats that will prevent teeth problems and oral hygiene, others are great if your dog like to chew things. Especialy all of those chewy treats are great to break bad habit like chewing things or stop your dog from barking and so on.

One more advice:

Try to find out which flavor your pet loves the most. You can find dog treats in many flavors like lamb, chicken, beef, fruit, liver,…

Another thing about dog treats. I always check those with most stars. Those stars presents populasirty and satisfy costumers.

Reward your pet with treat every day, but don’t be too much genorous. After all even for us people, too much of good things can be very bad for our health.

So don’t be the Miser and give your dog a treat that he deserve, especially while you train them.

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