Dog Boots & Paw Protectors

Winter is here and cold days is something normally. However, protection of your pet’s foot is important, especially if you live in cold place where is rough winter. So don’t hesitate and check out, why you should think to get boots or paw protectors for your dog.

What are dog boots and paw protectors?
Those are small “socks” that you put on the dog’s feet. It protect its feet and keep them warm and dry. Of course it will protect paws of your dog from sharp objects, rocks  and hot Asphault.

Dog Boots and paw protectors for winter
Just like humans, dogs need protection of their feet too. Maybe you thinking about wild life like wolfs. How come, that they don’t have any protection?
Well, your dog is more exposed to cold than animals that live constantly outside in wilderness.

Temperature fluctuations are to your pet much higher than for animals in the wild.
So take care about the protection of the feet of your pets with Boots and paw protectors.
Especially if you walk with your dog on the sidewalks, you should get boots for your dog.
Think about them. Will you go on walk with bare feet? I guess not. It’s true, that animals are comfortable walking around with no protection.
However, during the winter, streets (roads and sidewalks) are strewn with salt and other chemicals that meld the snow and ice.
Of course, there is always possibilities on damage on dogs feet from cuts of razor blade sharp pieces of ice. So get this in your mind too, while you thinking, if you should get some paw protectors for your dog.
Those are main reasons, why protect the feet of your dog with boots and paw protectors.

measure paw

How you can measure dog boots and paws protecotrs?

You can measure it with sewing meter or any other measure tape. Bootie width you can measured from edge to edge on the sides.

Any other reason to get paw protectors or boots for your dog?

dog bootsThere is one more reason, which is more hygienic.
If you go on a walk with your dog without using any protection of your dog’s feet, you’ll have more to clean when you come home. Dog boots are awesome protection for days when it rains or it’s just after the raining and you go outside with your pet.

After you come home, you simply remove those and dog’s feet will be dry.

What you should do now?

Don’t looking for exuse why not to protect your dog during the winter or any other time in the year. Get best you can get, to protect their foot and enjoy in walking outside with your pet.
Only thing that you should do, choose one of the best rated boots and paw protectors with the click on the blue text below.

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