2 Remote Control Dog Training Collar with one remote controller – individually controlled dog collar

Remote Control Dog Collar is one of the easiest and most effective way to achieve your goal with your dog behavior problem. You can use this two Remote Control Dog Collars individually with corrections for shock or vibrations on just one remote controller. So you have all of the strings in your hands and you can control your dogs up to 300 meters away.

Vibration is more appropriate to use when you teach a dog how to behave and to solve dog behavior problem. With this shock dog collar or vibrating dog collar you can have supervision on dog behavior and control it in wide range of 300 meters. No matter what kind of dog behavior you try to control, with simple push on the button, your dog will know that whatever he do is wrong and will stop it.

With this Remote Control Dog Collar you can control 2 dogs up to 300 meters away and you can use it on small or big dogs under any weather condition.

With one remote controller you can operate with two remote controled dog collar with two modes of shock or two modes of vibrations in any weather conditions.

Both of Dog Remote Control Collars are adjustible and can be used for any dog size big and small.

More info about Remote control dog collar you find HERE!.

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